May 2012 the production team filmed Boavista, under the auspices of the Submarines Foundation. This Dutch foundation aims to make the submerged world - and everything that has to do with water -  visible to an audience at large. 

Award winning filmmaker Edward Snijders filmed the documentary, both on land and below ocean level. In 2009 he produced the awarded film Dipole on the turtles of the Pulau Banyak archipelago in Indonesia. Last year he finished a unique documentary film on the East Scheldt, the cold and dark waters of the Netherlands. A recent feat was winning the Stan Waterman Award for excellence in underwater film, in New York, USA.

Freek Titselaar, specialist of invertebrates and molluscs has been a regular visitor to the Cabo Verde archipelago since 2004, performing scientific research. Other than his research he is a professional marketing trainer and coach at ConID, who is convinced of the importance of an (underwater) documentary as a marketing- and promotional tool for companies engaged in (eco)tourism. Freek produced the tutorial to be used in the lecture package.

Initial funding and support was provided by ConID and the Submarines Foundation. We are very pleased with the local support from the team of ScubaCaribe but also with the assistance from the TUI Care foundation.

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