The archipelago of Cape Verde is improving its positioning as a tourist destination. According to the latest official statistics, tourist arrivals continue growing at a rate of 22 percent and it is projected that Cape Verde will reach the benchmark of 1 million tourists annually by 2015.
Continuing dynamic development of the tourism sector on Boavista raises questions about sustainability and the effects on the island's unique (underwater)nature. Therefore ConID (in cooperation with Submarines) went to Boavista to produce the documentary. 

We now offer a seminar-training about sustainable tourism based on the documentary. We also prepared a doc-package for professionals, including the documentary dvd "Boavista, on the verge of change", a tutorial tool and the licence for its use.

It will help you to put across learning messages in an entertaining and memorable way. The documentary provokes and raises questions about sustainability that seek the right answers. It will help to take effective positive action on sustainable tourism for decision makers, accommodation providers, tour operators and individual travelers alike.

The tool for greening your tourism policies and business

Being a non-profit organisation ConID & Submarines Foundation offers the doc-package at interesting terms; please contact  Freek Titselaar for all your questions and remarks. 

Watch the trailer here or through YouTube 

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