Submarines produces short, mostly half hour (26 minutes) documentaries, but there are exceptions to the rule. Some more info on the productions:

HD footage from Submarines own extensive library (shot over the passed 10 years) has been selected for the next production: SAS, short for See Aristotle’s Sea, and sits in the editing. It’ll be the 50 minute+  film that Aristotle should have made nearly 2000 years ago. Missing shots were filmed in Thailand  this month, some more are planned to be shot in Norway, next month. 

Red Sea Reef Relicts won first prize at the 19th International Underwater Film Festival in Belgrade and was awarded the Palme d’Argent at the Strasbourg Festival. It is the latest productiont, 26 minutes, documenting the importance and relationship of wrecks to the underwater world. The film has been subtitled for my own Dutch audience in Dutch but is also available in French. 

Reefs Don’t Die is the working title of a 52 minute 3D feature production, which we hope to finish in a few months. 

With all the reefs we have seen over the years, we wanted to put our own experiences in the context what experts say. This leads sometimes to surprising conclusions!  The undeniable fact is that overfishing and shark finning effects marine life badly.   However, our quest was also to see if we could still find sharks and fish - preferably in large numbers...

In a way  Hot Reefs, Hot Corals gives kind of  2D clip preview on a small part of the film. The short was selected and screened at the Festival Mondial de l’Image Sous-Marine 2015!

To record true 3D we travelled to destinations like Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Komodo(Indonesia), Maldives, the Atlantic Cape Verde and Caribbean Bonaire. 2 synchronized cameras, one camera for each of your eyes guarantees images, better than the real thing!   

The real trailer (both 2 and 3D), with music composed by Maurits Overdulve, will come soon. 

Bonaire Bonanza, documenting the success story of good reef management. Narrated by George D.Buckley, professor (biologist/ecologist) at Harvard University. Music by Maurits Overdulve. Won the Palme d’Or (Golden Fin) at the Festival Mondial de l”Image Sous-Marin 2014 in Marseille plus the  the Environmental Award from the International Underwater Film Festival in Belgrade.

From the Vaasa festival in Finland came the OrthoBothnian award. We copy their jury report:

The film Bonaire Bonanza is a positive story on coral reefs, told with engagement and also humor.  At the same time the viewer can follow it all - on the  spot, underwater - and the interest is maintained throughout the film.

The film creates a unique atmosphere with beautiful pictures and authentic sound. Bonaire Bonanza is an informative story which shows that through peoples’ cooperation the natural environment can be influenced in a positive way.

Flowserve,  documentary, a 12 minute corporate production to document testing and working of a fish friendly pump, by filming inside the pump and talking to the experts (Grontmij, Visadvies), resulting in a 12 minute corporate film and a happy client!  Screening available on request.

For the Dutch feature documentary on the wreck of the 18th century frigate Orangewoudt we shot the underwater footage in the Waddenzee  (near the island of Texel), which lived to its fame of currents and bad visibility.. The film premiered  November 22  and was received extremely well.

De Bijbel van Baster,  Dutch spoken documentary - focussed on Dutch audience - on the first maritime scientist Job Baster, premiered September 2013 at Film by the Sea in Vlissingen, Netherlands and broadcasted December 2013. NPO, Dutch National Television,broadcasted the doc, also ready for watching on line!  

Shark Report from Fiji,  explains the idea of a Marine Protected Area. Prized with the Howard Hall Award for Outstanding Achievement in the 2013 competition of the Oceanic Geographic Society.

Boavista, on the verge of change,   (2012) documentary on an awakening island in the Cape Verde archipelago, its underwater world and the threats to its development.  

Zeeuws Water , 13 episode series produced for Zeeland television, on the effects of the Dutch Delta (water protection) works. Broadcasted twice , in 2011 and  2012.

Motorsleepboot, corporate documentary  (2011), produced and bought by the classic tugboat association in the Netherlands.

Oosterschelde (2011) documentary on a Dutch inland water acting as a North Sea nursery.  Was awarded a.o. the Grand Prize at BTS New York 2011: the Stan Waterman award for excellence in underwater videography.

Zenobia (2010) the mysteriously sunk car ferry in Cyprus, awarded the Grand Prize at the British Underwater Images Festival 2011 in London.

The 2011 London BUIF  jury, presided by BBC cameraman Peter Scoones  (who sadly passed away april 20 2014)  said:

Zenobia offers an extremely comprehensive and professionally produced overview of the famous shipwreck in Lanarca, Cyprus. With atmospheric underwater images, well-informed commentary and great interviews with local witnesses to the sinking.

Dipole, for the  Yayasan Pulau Banyak foundation, (Aceh and Sumatra), 2009, awarded 1st Prize at Vaasa Finland 2010 in the 'low budget category’. 


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